WAZ [ Win Anti Zomb ]

Windows Based Anti Zombie Tool.

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1. Explanation.

WAZ is windows based Anti DDos tool written in VC++ and VC[API]. It comprise of anti symmetric ailment for the most devastating DDos agents termed to be as Zombie Agents. The tools are designed to serve the windows platform and to provide an ease to the users.

Why ?

The network is full of complexities. I think we can hardly find any network which is free from attack jargon. The network is not monotonous in its context but rather segregated into complex objects. These objects get exploited in every sense. Why? Because the cold war of attacks and prevention is on the way. Attackers or Worm writers do everything to own a box. The networks always get swamped. The distributed denial of service attacks are rising. Through my study and research I found lots of networks that are under the hood of Ddos attacks.WAZ is a solution to this. The tool is fully functional and effective in stopping the Ddos agents. You can find lots of Ddos agents like Trinoo, WinTrinoo, Shaft, Mstream, Stacheldhart Ver 1 & 2, Trinity, Entitee etc. They are considered to be the best agents to launch distributed denial of service attacks.

The WAZ consists of :

1. waz_tester.exe :                                                    2. waz_killer.exe


2. Working Functionality : Wirsehark.

The malformed UDP packets with desired signatures are crafted and sent to the Zombie victim to dethrone the functionality of zombie agents.
A test was taken against Machine :


2. Downloading WAZ

Current Version Stated : WAZ v(1.0)
Tool can be downloaded : waz(v 1.0)-win-anti-zomb.rar | waz(v 1.0)-win-anti-zomb.zip


  • waz_tester.exe
  • waz_killer.exe